polymers, 2018

LDPE (low density polyethylene)

3.9kg of waste LDPE was recycled by hand and diverted from landfill

This body of work is the outcome of research studies on MA Craft at the University of Brighton. Created in collaboration with Weez & Merl Ltd, a local polymer recycling studio, the range explores how jewellery design can play a role in sustainable material use and renegotiate the perceived hierarchy of materials.

holding plastic triptic.jpg

As a jeweller I have to the pleasure of working with precious metals and gemstones, crafting valuable and desirable materials into wearable objects. Defining material desirability is, in one sense, simple - scarcity and demand marks some as precious and some as not. Considering the depletion of our natural resources, environmental degradation and the waste plastics crisis, it is necessary to review how these values are framed.

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The full exhibition of the University of Brighton's MA Craft 2018 cohort will take place this year at Hove Museum, from  September 15th - November 6th.

Models Tara Huzar and Summer Makepeace.